Christ Fellowship Panama

Feeding and Learning Center

Be blessed by being a blessing to someone else (Matthew 5:7)


God has placed a vision within my heart to create the Christ Fellowship Panama Feeding& Learning Center (CFPFLC) to feed and tutor poor, disadvantaged school-age children of Colon, Rep. of Panama, to keep them from dropping out of school,
and to nourish not only their bodies, but their minds and souls.

During the Christmas Holidays, CFPFLC provides all of the necessary items for breakfast and dinner to hungry children and families in the surrounding areas of Colon from two churches and two shelters. CFPFLC also provides toys for our children, the children at the two shelters and the SOS Orphanage, and toiletries and food for those in prison.

In addition to food, the CFPFLC provides uniforms and school supplies at the beginning of the school year to needy children who attend the Feeding & Learning Center, the Coco Solo and Rainbow City Shelters, and to children of other families referred to us who do not have funds to purchase uniforms and school supplies. Although the main language of Panama is Spanish, most businesses require the people they employ to be bilingual. CFPFLC will endeavor to tutor children in English and other major subjects to help them compete for better jobs when they graduate. Our goal is to provide computers for them to do their work and, at
the same time, to learn computer skills.

When possible, the CFPFLC helps those in prison at the Nueva Esperanza Jail in Arco Iris, who do not have families to take them food and clothing, by providing those in prison with food, clothing, and necessary toiletries

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